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COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention

 Dear AMEMPS Families,

We know this pandemic of COVID-19 has truly affected and impacted our lives individually. Unfortunately, this pandemic has presented a challenge to many of our families, and due to the precautions that must be taken around the globe. AMEMPS has discontinued ALL in-home tutorial sessions until further notice. Our focus is to provide safety to all of our staff members and the families in need of our services. While many of us are feeling uncertain in our lives as to what the next few months or possibly years may hold with COVID-19; AMEMPS assures everyone, that we are determined to dedicate our team, time, and attention to provide the best virtual academic services worldwide! 

• About Us •

AMEMPS Branch Associates Tutorial Department has dedicated themselves to their students, by providing intellectual tutors, who are highly focused on developing avenues in helping our students become the graduate they desire & deserve to be. In this company, we spend quality time to empower them individually, and to help them feel free from the burden of days worth of homework.  

Throughout the years AMEMPS Branch Associates Tutorial Department have found the KEY to helping our students overcome their struggles, anxiety's, and doubts; and as complicated some learning methods may be; AMEMPS Branch Associates Tutorial Department takes the time to assess each student thoroughly to assure that their care plan is designed and customized to the student and their needs. 

General Academic Retention Assessment

Our G.A.R.A system is designed to provide our tutors with a better view of the student struggles and academic needs. This basic screening eliminates the misery of feeling trapped mentally, and hopeless, of becoming an achiever. AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp Tutorial Department gives the student the helping hand and confidence they need to become a successful graduate while engaging our students in various educational lessons that peeks and engage their interest. Hence, rather than turning it into a fun yet academic learning aid. Hundreds of students have benefited from this program and you can too! 

In- Home Academic Activities

​AMEMPS Branch & Corp Tutorial Department provides individual care packages  that caters to their needs and learning level. With our in-home academic system, it provides our student with array of tools they can use to assist your love one in grasping different learning techniques. We offer our student's the very BEST affordable care; which includes our FREE career workshops. 

Brain & Health Assessment

In our Brain and Health Assessment (BAHA) our team conducts behavioral and  cognitive screens to detect the lack of retention focus or mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Doing so has giving our team the chance to gain a better understanding of the student needs or limitations. The objective of this screening is to validate and detect the concerns posed; and provide a solution to better the needs of the student. 

A-12 and Beyond  Excel Program

This program is designed to advance students of ALL ages to the next level! We turn the student into a stronger, and more confident student by creating the right support structure and expectations by using these nine tips to help maximize your child's academic success.

  1. Create a Routine and Stick to It
  2. Establish Some Rules
  3. Set Goals & High Expectations 
  4. Build Self- Esteem & Confidence 
  5. Reduce Test Anxiety

  6. Promote Positive Vibes & Attitudes About Education

  7. Keep an Open Communication with your Tutor

  8. Build a Trusting and Respectful Mindset

PK12 Home School Program

This program is designed to provide our students of ALL ages the opportunity to learn their entire schooling right from home within 8 months! After choosing a program that is suitable for you; we set up a care plan that will be conducive to the family schedule with the following 

  1. Register the Student
  2. Choose & Customize Your Program
  3. Receive Our FREE AMEMPS Kid T-Shirt
  4. Start Your Program! 
Call for more information, and start your program immediately and we'll be happy to help. 


**Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that because each student's learning ability and comprehension level may differ. We do understand that some student's progression may take longer than stated above. However, if this seems to be the case with your loved one, please feel free to let us know in advance, in order to provide a plan that will accommodate your request that will lead your child to a successful academic future. 

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