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Our goal and purpose is to serve and accommodate the needs of our clients; and to make all areas of our services convenient. Depending upon your love one’s retention, we guarantee the chance of dedicating ourselves in brighten the horizon of your love one’s intelligence.

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In-Home Tutorial Lessons

Our in-home tutoring is provided in a fun, yet educational way right in the comfort of the student's home or a local library at the families convenience. These lessons are built to guide and instruct you by a tutor. 

Foreign Language Lessons

Our company provides educators, that are experienced in advancing the interest of student in a foreign language such as Chinese, Spanish and much more! This NEW FEATURE has been added  to our service menu, to assist our students in their desire of learning a new language. 

Home School  Coaching Lessons

In our home-schooling program we design packages that are tailored to each student; for better improvement, understanding, and progress in there academics. Over the years we have catered to hundreds of student's with and without learning difficulties , that provide families the opportunity to receive advance studies. Our home-school program provides a learning coach, for 3 days 2 hours per session. In this package we cover all subjects; and evaluate there progress every 6 weeks! We team up with the best accredited schools, to give you the coaching you need to excel! 

Private College Lesson 

Our educators are certified professionals that provides the skills and creative methods to help college students to excel in the most PROMINENT Universities. Our focus is to teach, and educate, our students different angles of their subjects to build mental structure, and mental stamina to cultivate a better understanding of the student subject. This creates and develops goals that will keep their passion alive. Overtime we assure you your lessons will become more and more easier to grasp in NO time. 

Test Preparation

AMEMPS Branch & Corp Tutorial Department

Provides the technique and strategy to provide our student the antidote to their mental struggle when test arise. Regardless of age, ethnics, or background; our students have excelled successfully in every task. 

What Strategies Can AMEMPS Provide to my child? 

  • We gather basic knowledge of the essential parts of the test.
  • We provide study guidelines in order for the student to study properly. 

  • We practice time management. 
  • We build the students reading fluency . 
  • Focus on addressing each question individually.
  • We provide optional, non habit forming, calming and focus supplements to relieve the student from any stress or anxiety that may occur.
  • We advance our student at their own pace in order to build their confidence and independence in their struggling subjects.  

Homework Assistance Program (H.A.P)

AMEMPS Homework Assistance Program provides our students are the assistance they need; whether in school, home or at any comfortable location near you! We believe in providing the essential curriculum needed to build our student's struggles to progression. Our program offers weekly packets; with the provisions of having your selected tutor on call when needed. 

What Does Our Homework  Assistant Program Provide? 

  • Life Skills 
  • Organization Skills
  •  Problem Solving Solutions
  •  Goal-Setting & Strategies
  • Time Management 
  • Independent Skills
  • Test Strategies
  • Academic Awareness
  • Progressive 
We assure you, our H.A.P services will help our students foster independent learning, and responsible character traits, that will build a successful journey to their academic future.